Azure Public Cloud

Azure Public Cloud

Evolving to a cloud-centric IT posture may seem daunting. Raglan Technologies can help you understand how Azure can fit into your business and technology strategy.

Why Public Cloud for Your Company?

Raglan Technologies wants to change the way you think about consuming technology. Cloud computing delivers technology transformation with an encompassing shift away from traditional modes of consuming and administrating IT services, towards the on-demand cloud model.

Microsoft Azure allows businesses to deploy, build, and manage applications on a massive, global network using your favourite tools and frameworks. The agile and instantaneous nature of the Azure Cloud has allowed the rapid acceleration into the cloud.

We will help you through your cloud adoption process with the following services:

  • Assessment - Raglan Technologies takes into account all aspects of the business during the initial environment evaluation that defines the right migration pathway for your technology transformation journey. Our in-depth assessment builds the foundation of a comprehensive cloud blueprint, fit for your business. Are your company’s applications not fully developed to take advantage of the public cloud? Raglan Technologies expertise will help adapt your systems to Azure, including the re-architecture of key parts of your current environment to take full advantage of the disruptive benefits of Azure.
  • Action - Our experienced team of Microsoft certified experts utilise the power and capabilities of the world’s leading technologies, to deliver a seamless deployment and migration of the enterprise customer’s current systems to its new cloud home. Our strategic application development and migration has matured across multiple projects to the extent that we can now pass the resource and cost savings to your business. Build applications using any language, tool, or framework on a fully automated self-service platform that provisions your resources within minutes.
  • Optimise- Backed by our partners and pool of cloud experts, you’re not alone. Our after-care is second to none, with a comprehensive transfer of knowledge through workshops and in-depth handovers. Utilise the Raglan Technologies experts who act like a virtual CTO until your company is fully established within public cloud. And our ability in cloud implementation is only matched by our ability to wrap a complete Cloud Managed Services around your solution, assisting your transition onto Azure with full management and monitoring support by the in-house Microsoft Practice.

Public Cloud Hosting at a glance

  • Hybrid consistency across application development, security and management, identity management, and data platform portability
  • Maximise cloud resources optimisation and manage departmental budgets with cost allocation and granular monitoring of resources
  • Ability to easily scale and extend your on-premise infrastructure to any size
  • Over 100 Microsoft services, end-to-end management experiences and app delivery
  • Build once, deploy anywhere: in the cloud, on premise and to edge devices
  • Familiar tools and open-source technologies compatible with a wide range of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases, and devices
  • 24/7 Network Operations Centre – fully-manned and fully operated
  • Business analytics solutions such as demand forecasting and inventory optimisation
  • Store and Backup your data