Big Data & Analytic Testing

Big Data & Analytic Testing

With the digitalization of the economy, the data is growing in burgeoning amount and the business organizations are struggling with proper data management and testing techniques.

In Big Data & Analytics testing, testing has to be majorly conducted for validating data extraction, transformation algorithm, data quality, data flow, and business rules. With the drastic development in the IT field, the amount of data generated has also become magnificent, which adversely impacts the data quality. These concerns have created the need of testing, which can maintain the data quality across big data ecosystem.

The characteristics of big data are defined by 4Vs, namely:

Raglan Technologies’ approach to big data testing

Raglan Technologies ensures complete coverage of both structured and unstructured data, which can be used to achieve superior data quality. Our comprehensive testing coverage of big data systems can help accelerate the product development time and reduce the testing cost.

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