Big Data

Big Data

Raglan Technologies have partnered with Big Data solution providers that have expertise in:

Data Lakes – By bringing large unstructured volumes of data to a single place, you can perform broad data analysis from numerous sources quickly and prepare it on the fly as people access it.

Telematics – If you have staff on the road, be it mobile employees, technicians or couriers, telematics will help you record information about your vehicles, and send them to you in real-time. Essential for those who want to keep employees accountable and figure out ways to help them improve driving habits.

Visualisation – Data is easier to digest when it’s more than just numbers. Visualisation can help you gain insights faster and let you change layouts on the fly, helping you see your business in a whole new light.

AI – No longer in the realms of science-fiction, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is capable of recognising patterns in data and make predictions based on it

Through our partners, we are proud to offer technology solutions from Oracle, Infor and Anaplan and as a trusted partner of these enterprise performance management providers we have both the expertise and flexibility across these platforms so that we can find the particular solution that most suits your specific business requirements.