Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing

More and more business enterprises are attracted towards cloud due to its ability to reduce operational costs drastically. There are several other benefits of cloud computing such as high efficiency, flexibility, disaster management and better collaboration. However, cloud implementation comes with its own challenges related to security, performance and integration with traditional platforms.

Cloud testing is conducted for the quality assurance of the cloud-based applications. The cloud testing can help an organization in boosting its competitiveness without negatively impacting the production applications.
Raglan Technologies offers cloud computing services with assured high level of coverage and replication of user environment. We offer several cloud specific testing services such as compatibility testing, multi-tenancy testing, and disaster recovery testing. Our services offer quality insight and competitive pricing.
Types of cloud testing

Functional Testing

  • Acceptance testing: The cloud solution should meet the user expectations
  • System verification testing: The system should work as per the pre-described behavior

Non-Functional Testing

  • Availability testing: the cloud should be available each time, it is accessed
  • Security Testing: Authorization, encryption
  • Multi-tenancy test: security and access control for each cloud user