Document Management System (DMS)

Document Management System (DMS)

The production of electronic and paper documents increased further as computing technology evolved towards a more distributed architecture via servers and PC’s – although this technology provided organisations with flexible and efficient business tools, the nature of PC’s managed by local area networks meant that documents became increasingly distributed throughout the company with differing structure.

In addition to the problem of documents distributed throughout organisations without a common structure, there was a lack of version control, auditing, security or any efficient method to retrieve paper or electronic documents – this created the need for Document Management Systems (DMS).

Document Management Systems use computers and software to manage, track and store electronic documents and images of paper documents captured by a document scanner.

How can we help you?

Information is expanding at an ever increasing rate; we’re routinely bombarded by email, paper, social media, fax, video, web content, ERP data and much more. Whether your business is looking to manage its digital assets more effectively, move over to electronic invoicing, rapidly scan a paper archive or communicate more effectively with its customers, Raglan Technologies can help.

At Raglan Technologies, we have helped businesses of all sizes to automate their document management processes – this cuts costs, improves customer service, increases data security and delivers many other tangible benefits.

Why Document Management?

Businesses generate a tremendous amount of paper and digital content. Proposals, contracts, customer profiles, human resources related documents, financial reports, forms, announcements and memos are generated every day. The fact is, most organisations cannot effectively manage the vast number of documents without an industrial strength Document Management System (DMS).

Some benefits of DMS include: