Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Redefine Your Workplace with Hybrid Cloud

Many organisations with a number of complex IT systems can see Cloud as non-viable. Raglan Technologies can help. A well-designed Hybrid Cloud strategy helps overcome many of your infrastructure constraints and drive your modernised workplace.

The Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Cloud

Raglan Technologies delivers a complete start-to-finish customised hybrid cloud blueprint built for your business environment.

We will identify, build and manage the exact cloud solution for your organisation, backed by our delivery partner, and the Microsoft Azure global platform. Whether you want to remain on-premise with the option of extending to the cloud through Public or Multi-tenant, Raglan Technologies delivers Azure Stack as a critical building block for engineering the transformation of on-premises legacy systems to integration with innovative private and public cloud systems. 

Harness the power of a unified enterprise platform that binds on-premise to the cloud with complete IT support, unmatched security, and leading technologies with Raglan Technologies.

Why consider Hybrid Cloud?

What does Hybrid Cloud mean for you? A combination of on-premise infrastructure and cloud services? Or maybe a blend of private and public cloud? Perhaps your organisation needs a mixture of IaaS, PaaS & SaaS?

For us, Hybrid simply means a cloud environment which offers more freedom. Whatever your Hybrid cloud looks like, Digital Planet experts can guide you in achieving the most out of your systems, ensuring that the integrations between different components are seamless and secure. Bundle your Hybrid cloud solutions with bespoke on-demand storage, monitoring, network, back up, security and data protection services, fully optimised for your organisation’s needs.

Hybrid Cloud on Your Terms

Azure Stack allows your organisation to have a common portal for the provisioning of IT services, be it on-premise, on dedicated hardware in our Private hosted Cloud, or in the Public Azure Cloud. Our delivery partner’s Gold partnership with Microsoft enables us to easily deploy Azure and Azure Stack to your chosen location delivering a seamless Azure experience that increases efficiency, flexibility and productivity.

Why Choose Raglan Technologies?

Meet your business and technical requirements backed by choosing the right combination of cloud and on-premises with Raglan Technologies.

Hybrid at a glance: