IT Audit & Security

IT Audit & Security

Whether you are starting a new business, moving to a new location, upgrading your existing technology, or just checking up on your IT service provider, the Raglan Technologies’ Network Audit has been designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the current state of your business’s technology. Our comprehensive audit program will provide you with a non-biased assessment of your existing hardware and software systems, and an analysis and explanation of any changes that should be made.

During the audit, our certified and experienced engineers will take an in-depth look into your business’s technologies. They will review each relevant hardware and software component individually, and as a whole. Once the high-level and granular reviews are complete, one of our engineers will prepare a customized recommendations report that will outline the following:

Once the IT audit is complete, you will confidently know how your business technology is deployed, if there are any changes that are required, how to prioritize any changes, and the budget for each recommendation. Armed with this knowledge your business will be able to effectively plan for the costs, the timing and the benefits of your future technology acquisitions

Our certified information systems auditors are available to assist you in this endeavour, while preserving compliance with your company’s policies and auditors’ ethics. For a thorough assessment of your needs please contact us

Our IT audit and security services include: