Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

Your business has fully embraced cloud, so now is the time to understand what resources you need to manage it. Raglan Technologies delivers a fully Managed Cloud Service that supports your cloud environment, built out across the entire stack.

What is Managed Cloud Services?

Simply, Cloud Managed Services provide solutions right up the entire IT stack that fill the gaps in your IT infrastructure beyond the cloud. Our Managed Cloud Service capability has adapted to emerging IT solutions over the past five years, enabling you to bolt on additional support services and custom-built support capabilities for your environment.
Our consultative-led approach determines what is the right solution for your business, backed by industry-leading support and management of your cloud. Are you considering Cloud Managed Services for your business? Raglan Technologies delivers next-generation technology management solutions developed over years.

Our Managed Cloud Services

Raglan Technologies through its partners has redefined how Cloud Managed Services should be implemented and delivered to your organisation through the following services:

  • Outsourced Helpdesk - Our Service Desk is the first point of contact for immediate response, continuously focusing on the needs and priorities of our user. The team will triage, mitigate and resolve and in the event of a require escalation, we will gather information to allow for rapid solution response.
  • Hardware Support - Our Support Service team will triage, diagnose and repair all ICT assets outside of the Raglan Technologies environment, including dispersed office locations.
  • Systems Infrastructure Support Support - The Systems Infrastructure Service delivers your daily system administration tasks and management on the cloud solution, with a wide array of skilled resources to maintain performance, capacity and availability of your environment.
  • Backup Support - The Backup and Replication Support Service provides operational technical Backup support to clients on your own identified environment. The service monitors, manages and supports your environments and backup and replication related issues.
  • Application Support Service - The Application Support Service provides the skills needed to support and administer the business applications utilised by end users. We provide management, maintenance and support to defined applications that directly underpin business services.
  • Network Infrastructure Support - The Network Infrastructure Service provides operational technical support on all your identified network and Wi-Fi infrastructure, from various manufacturers outside of the connected Raglan Technologies network.

Why Choose Raglan Technologies?

  • Highly trained engineers available to your organisation
  • Multiple monitoring solutions with issue alerting for all IP-enabled devices
  • Dedicated Business Account and Technical Account Management
  • Next generation technology management solutions developed over years
  • Outsourced Service Desk tailored to reporting requirements and high availability SLA