Test Automation

Test Automation

Test automation: using AI and machine learning to more intelligently manage the load

Faced with the need for more and more testing, organisations are looking to automation to maintain speed, quality and security.

Prioritise testing for business resilience

Technology-intensive organisations recognise the importance of rigorous testing for maintaining a high level of customer experience, remaining compliant and achieving efficiencies. However, the unrelenting rate of change, speed of modern release cycles and wide variety of operating platforms have created a surge in the number of test cases that can prove overwhelming – and ultimately a source of risk.

Test Automation

Automation offers a viable solution that can both safeguard quality and also add value by providing immediate speed and efficiency gains. Machine learning will cut into your testing workload and sieve data at scale, surfacing the highest-priority test cases and sifting the many thousands of iterations. Artificial intelligence can then analyse this data, pulling out information in real-time, which will allow you to respond to risks and identify opportunities with increased agility.

The need for skilled people who can turn ideas into working systems is the greatest barrier to implementing test automation. Raglan Technologieshelps our clients with their skills gap, providing experienced teams with both the technical and change management capabilities to move forward in this specialist field. In partnership with our quality engineering teams, we can give you greater visibility and control over the test cases that matter most to your business and customer satisfaction.

Raglan Technologies’ AI powered test automation solutions can also lower reliance on the need for skilled engineers, making test automation a role that can be fulfilled by less technical talent.

We are working with a range of forward thinking, agile organisations including major global banks, Insurers and public sector to drive a step change through intelligence led test automation.